The North Indiana Emmaus Community exists to develop Christian leaders for the local church and the world. The approach seriously considers the model of Christ's servanthood and encourages Christ's disciples to act in ways appropriate to being "a servant of all."
Role Last Name First Name Talk
Assistant Lay Director Bixler Brian Priority
Assistant Lay Director Schipper Steve Fourth Day
Assistant Lay Director Strong Nathan  
Assistant Music Director Bauson Bill  
Assistant Music Director Kuhn Michael  
Assistant Spiritual Director Harting Kent Obstacles to Grace
Assistant Spiritual Director Hisey Brad  
Assistant Spiritual Director Lucker Douglas  
Assistant Spiritual Director Weicht Sam  
Assistant Table Leader Addair Robert Priesthood of all Believers
Assistant Table Leader Dixson Chris Body of Christ
Assistant Table Leader Palmer Derek Life of Piety
Assistant Table Leader Rupert Paul Growth through Study
Assistant Table Leader Shrock Jeff Christian Action
Assistant Table Leader Willhite Tyler Changing Our World
Board Representative Jones Christopher  
Table Leader Crist Rodney Discipleship
Table Leader Deeds Buzz  
Table Leader Hahn Adam  
Table Leader Murfin Hugh  
Table Leader Norris Doug  
Table Leader Shull Ryan   
Technology Director Ruch Kevin  
Unspecified/Misc. Servant Whybrew Jerry  
Weekend Agape Assistant Foy Henry  
Weekend Agape Assistant Liechty David  
Weekend Agape Assistant McGuire Chris  
Weekend Agape Assistant Miller Nyle  
Weekend Agape Assistant Shores Clay  
Weekend Agape Assistant Weicht Steve  
Weekend Agape Coordinator Miller Kent  
Weekend Assistant Cook Paul  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant Barhight Ben  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant Flora Shane  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant Hunter Dan  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant HUnter Terry  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant Purdy Ken  
Weekend Kitchen Assistant Weicht George  
Weekend Kitchen Coordinator Bibler Brad  
Weekend Lay Director Franklin Dan Perseverance
Weekend Music Leader Coffing Dale  
Weekend Prayer Chapel Coordinator Markstahler Claude  
Weekend Spiritual Director     Means of Grace